Farm to Fork on Blockchain

With Karyon, communicate with transparency

Karyon is a food traceability ecosystem empowered by blockchain technology. We trace the entire process: from production to consumer.

Transparency is a competitive advantage. Karyon puts it at the center of the product story.

Which type of data are we collecting ?

Provenance, breeding system, food (specification about medicated treatment) and greenhouse impact are Karyon standard data collects. If you want to go further, we evaluate with you the feasibility of your project.

Karyon additional benefits


80% of French people declare they are encouraged to buy a product if it has health and safety guarantees. (CREDOC, 2015).

F2Fmarket leverages your product and gives you a competitive advantage.

Market knowledge

The better you know your customers, the more you develop your business.
With F2Fmarket you have access to all data collected from your end-customers and business partners.

And the price?

Subscriptions started as low as
6 Euro per month
Due to COVID-19 crisis,
Karyon currently cancelled its individual subscription fees for all actors in food supply chains
Individual subscriptions are now free !
For more detail, contact us at [email protected]

Blockchain, briefly

Blockchain is a technology that enables trusted information, transparent, secured, and operating without a central organ.

By extension, a blockchain is a ledger that contains all the historic of exchanges between its users since its creation. This ledger is secure and distributed: it is shared by its various users, without intermediaries, and simply allows everyone to check the validity of the information.

Karyon assets


All certified information is available immediately.


Blockchain anchoring does not change your work habits.

Non Border solution

No matter where your products are sold.

Brand image

F2Fmarket helps you to create your brand by enabling you to build and manage a customer community.


By communicating transparently with your partners and customers, you reinforce strong relationships based on trust.

The team
Claire Guillet - F2Fmarket

I’ve always looked for the best products for my family. For me, food means fun and life. I am absolutely outraged by the way we treat and process food today. Beyond marketing and taste, food is vital and we rarely know its origin! Behind a product, there are always lives, stories, and passionate producers who do amazing work.

That’s why I started Karyon. I want to take up the challenge of tomorrow’s foodchain by proposing a healthy and viable alternative for everyone.

[email protected]
Tom De Block - F2Fmarket

As a father of 3 kids, I am really concerned about their future. Looking at the environment we live in, I know we cannot rely on the current managers around us. In the same way, our retail and Food providers are driven by financial benefits, probably at cost of public health. As for myself, If the info would be available, I would only buy from certified healthy foodchains. And with me probably thousands of other worried parents.

So, I see a real need for this Karyon. And with the Blockchain and IoT solutions in my professional catalogue, I feel alike a mission to bring it to the crowd, among other world improving solutions.

[email protected]

Fresh out of my studies, I wanted to put my engineering skills at the service of building tools and reflections that will be used to understand today’s food systems in a systemic way, in order to better build tomorrow’s food systems.
Transparency is for me a fundamental value that must be widely applied to re-establish trust and knowledge at all levels.

By joining Karyon, I want to actively implement digital, operational and strategically sustainable long-term solutions to seriously answer the challenges of our societies.

[email protected]

You have question ? You are interested by Karyon solution? You want to join us? We will be very happy to read you !

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